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International Student Visa and Residence Permit Procedure Guide

last modified: 31/12/2019

International Student Visa and Residence Permit Procedure Guide

Foreigner students who reside in China must comply with relevant local laws; and foreigner students must have a valid  Visa or a valid residence permit to stay in China. In order to prevent any troubles against the local laws, please read   carefully the important details on the student Visa and residence permit rules below.

1.Visa and Residence Permit Types

a.X1 Visa Type

Students with X1 Visa will have 30 days after their first-time entry in China. Student must go to the school’s     International Student Office to apply for a residence permit before the Visa expires. This type of Visa cannot change to any other Visa type. Before applying for a resident permit, students also need to visit the Beijing Entry-Exit Inspection  and Quarantine Bureau to obtain a health certificate.

b.X2 Visa Type

X2 Visa is for short-term study . The total days Visa holders are allowed to stay in China after their first-time entry to China will be shown on the Visa page. The number of entries allowed will also be shown on the Visa page.

c.Residence Permit

Students who study in China over one year will need to apply for residence permits. The duration days will be shown on the residence permit. Multiple entries will be permitted.

Note:International students who study at CUPL must hold the residence permit or X2 Visa

2. Residence Permit Procedure

According to the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau (PSB) Exit-Entry Administration Office, students need to   apply through International Student Division first, and then the ISD will submit the application to the PSB online and  give the student a visa application form. Then the student can submit this application form with other relevant        documentation to the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau Exit-Entry Administration Office by themselves.It usually   takes 15 working days for the residence permit. Students should apply the residence permit early to avoid unnecessary   trouble due to not being able to use the passport during the application time. The passport will be taken by the PSB for processing during the application time.

First-Time Residence Permit Application:

① Valid passport.

② The Admission Notice of China University Of Political Science And Law.

③ Visa Application for Study in China (JW202/JW201 Form).

④Accommodation registration form issued by the local police station.

⑤ The Health Certificate issued from the Beijing International Travel Healthcare Center.

⑥ One passport-size photo (2-inch photo with white background).

⑦ The Visa and Residence Permit Application Form obtained from Foreign Student Affairs Office.(A1101)

Extension of Residence Permit Application:

· The valid passport

· One passport-size photo (2-inch photo with white background)

· Accommodation registration form issued by the local police station

3. Registration of Accommodation

Foreigners who reside in China should, according to the law, apply for registration of accommodation within 24 hours  after their arrival in China. In any event of a change of passport/Visa or a change of residence address, you must re-apply for accommodation registration within 10 days. Otherwise you will be regarded as an illegal resident.

4. Other Relevant Details

a) Replace passport

After replacement of your passport in China, you must report to the International Student Office and go to the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau Exit-Entry Administration Department within 10 days for passport number changing       procedures. Otherwise you will be punished for illegal residence.

b)Family visa

The university can help international students apply for the family visa for their spouses and children in China.    However, it will not provide any invitation letter for the family members to visit China. Hence, family members are advised to prepare a kinship certificate certified by the embassy of China in home country before arriving in China.

c) Lose and reapply passport and Visa

When you lose your passport, you need to follow the below procedures to reapply your passport and Visa as quickly as  possible to prevent unnecessary troubles:

· Go to the local police office to report your loss and obtain a loss report of your passport

· Obtain the relevant proof document of the university from International Student Division

· After receiving the 2 reports above, you should go to the District Public Security Bureau to get the loss       certificate of your passport.

· Take the loss certificate of passport to the embassy of your home country to apply for a new passport.

· Go to the International Students Division with your new passport within 10 days to apply for a new visa or residence permit. After receiving your Visa, go to the local police station to renew your accommodation registration status.

d) Cancel Visa and residence permits

If you have any academic changes such as study suspension, leave of absence, study retention, credit transfer or     withdrawal, your Visa and residence permit issued by CUPL must be changed to a zero-entry temporary visa. Otherwise the  University cannot approve your academic change request.

e) Change Issuance city of residence permit

Freshmen who already have the residence permit from other cities may come to register first, and must come to the    International Student Division to change the issuance city of the residence permit within 10 days after registration.

f) Change cell phone number in Beijing

During your study at the University, if you change your cell phone number, please inform the International Student   Office promptly.

g) Punishment for unregistered stay

If you don’t have any valid Visa, residence permit or accommodation registration or if the documents have expired, you will be considered “illegal alien” according to the Chinese Law. This status can attract a warning by the local       government, a fine of 500 to 10000 RMB or even detention and deportation. In order to avoid such punishment, students   must ensure that all their documentation and residence permits are valid during your stay in China.

Please be sure to carefully read the above instructions before proceeding your visa application. If you have any     questions, you can also find help at the International Student Office.  A1101  (010)- 58908240

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