Insurance and Medical Service

last modified: 31/12/2019

Insurance: In accordance with the relevant regulations of Chinese education authorities, international students must purchase the Comprehensive Insurance for Foreign Students in China at least including accidental injury, hospitalization and major medical insurance during their studies.

The maximum amount of insurance purchased by international students when registering at the university is 100,000 yuan for Loss of Life & Accidental Disability, 20,000 yuan for Accidental Injury Medical Treatment, 20,000 yuan for Outpatient and Emergency Medical Treatment, and 400,000 yuan for Hospitalization. The insurance premium is 400 yuan half-yearly and 800 yuan annually. When purchasing insurance, students should ask their insurance company how to use medical insurance in China in detail and how to contact the designated medical institutions.

For international students without medical insurance, the school will not handle the registration procedures.

The school will arrange Ping An Insurance (Group) Company Of China to come to the campus and sell insurance for students during the registration period of each semester (the specific time will be notified separately).

Students who have missed the sell organized by the school can log in the website of Ping An Insurance (Group) Company Of China and purchase online: www.lxbx.net

Medical service: The university hospital provides medical service for us. International students can go to the university hospital with student ID and campus card. Peking University Third Hospital near our university is also available for students.

University Hospital of CUPL (Xueyuan Lu campus)

Tel: 010-5890-8139/5890-8335

Office Hours: Monday to Friday 8:00-11:30, 14:00-17:00 (Friday 16:30)

During the winter and summer holidays, national statutory holidays and non-outpatient hours, the university hospital provides emergency treatment with doctors on duty from 8:00 to 20:00. (For emergency treatment, call +86-10-58908140)

Referral to off-campus hospitals will be approved with a referral form issued by the university hospital doctor. For emergency treatment referral, it is better to apply for a referral form in the emergency room of the university hospital first. In case of emergency, students can go to Peking University Third Hospital near our university for treatment, but the emergency diagnosis certificate and emergency receipt must be stamped with the emergency seal, and thus the medical expenses can be reimbursed.

Brief Introduction of Some Hospitals:

Peking University Third Hospital

Peking University Third Hospital is a modernized and comprehensive upper first-class hospital with integration of medical services, medical education/teaching, research and prevention as well as health care.

Add: 49 North Garden Rd., Haidian District, Beijing, P.R.China

Tel: +86-10-6201-7691

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