Reminders on Transportation Safety, Fire Safety, Theft and Fraud Prevention

last modified: 31/12/2019

In order to strengthen students’ awareness in regard to transportation safety, fire safety, theft and fraud prevention, and ensure personal and property safety, the School of International Studies of CUPL emphasizes the following:

Transportation Safety

Obey the traffic laws and regulations, follow the transportation etiquette, and cross the road in a civilized manner. Do not take illegal motorcycle or taxi, do not drive or take unlicensed two-wheeled motorcycle or electric (or fuel) three-wheeled motorcycle, and do not drive motor vehicle or motorcycle illegally. In case of traffic accident, please call 122 immediately.

Fire Safety

1. Do not use induction cookers, immersion heaters, rice cookers, electric skillets, electric cups, electric blankets, electric irons, hair dryers, microwave ovens and other electrical appliances with fire hazards in the dormitory.

2. Do not use open flame appliances or light candles, do not store flammable and/or explosive items in the dormitory, and do not set-off fireworks or other combustible items.

3. Do not smoke in the dormitory or teaching area. Do not burn paper or incense indoors.

4. Do not install electric wires or electrical equipment privately.

5. Turn off all kinds of electrical appliances in time before going to bed and leaving the dormitory.

6. Take good care of fire-fighting equipment and do not occupy or block the fire-fighting passage.

7. In case of fire, leave the dangerous area right away, and call 119 immediately.

Theft Prevention

1. Make sure to lock the doors and windows when leaving the dormitory.

2. Do not accommodate others in violation of the school's dormitory rules, and do not lend keys to others at will.

3. Take good care of your documents and belongings, and do not put them in a conspicuous place.

4. If anyone suspicious is found in the dormitory, notify the apartment management personnel immediately.

Fraud Prevention

1. Do not trust strangers calling in the name of the police, the procuratorate or the landlord.

2. Once receiving texts and phone calls from strangers requiring you to transfer or remit money, please don’t listen, trust, transfer or remit funds. Do not disclose personal information. Please remember the following 8 “all” tips to spot telephone scams, and please also tell your family to stay away from fraud! All calls from self-claimed members of the public security organs, procuratorial organs and people's courts who request remittance; all calls requesting you to transfer money to a ‘safe account’; all calls informing you of winning a lottery or getting a stipend but having to pay a sum of money upfront; all calls informing you of any accidents related to your “family member” and requesting remittance; all calls requesting personal, bank account information and message authentication code; all calls requesting you to open your online bank account for inspection; all calls from anyone claiming to be your boss and requesting money transfer; all calls requesting your bank account information for unknown websites.

3. If anything abnormal is found, please talk to your classmates and teachers in time. If necessary, please immediately call emergency phone number 110 or apartment management office phone number (+86-10-58908339).

School of International Studies of CUPL

January 2, 2019

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