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The School of Marxism (China University of Political Science and Law) was established in June 2005. Its predecessors were the Marxist Theory Teaching Department of China University of Political Science and Law, which was established in 1985, and the Marxist Theory Teaching and Research Center of China University of Political Science and Law, which was established in 2002. At present, the School of Marxism has a total of 63 faculty members: 50 full-time teachers, including 11 full professors, 17 associate professors, and 22 lecturers. Among the full-time teachers, there are 10 doctoral supervisors and 37 master supervisors; more than 94% of the teachers have obtained a doctorate, and 6% have senior titles. One professor was nominated as the most influential teacher by the National Universities Ideological and Political Theory Courses of 2015, one teacher was granted as the“Baosteel Excellent Teacher”, two teachers won the Beijing Universities Teaching Teacher Award, two professors was awarded the title of Distinguished Professor of Beijing Universities Ideological and Political Theory Courses, two obtained the Distinguished Teachers, one young teacher won the“Yangfan Funding Program”, and three voted as “Top Ten Popular Teachers among the Undergraduates” from China University of Political Science and Law.

Consistently carried out the summer social practice and social training on the course of ideological and political theory

(Held the conference on the Teaching Steering Committee of China University of Political Science and Law

The School is listed as one of the mainly supported Marxism colleges in Beijing, with a comprehensive discipline platform and a coherent talent training system for undergraduate, master and doctoral students. There are post-doctoral stations for Marxist theory, doctoral programs for first-level disciplines and master's programs for first-level disciplines. Among them, the study of Sinicization of Marxism and the basic principles of Marxism are key disciplines in Beijing. The School is specialized in the field of "Marxism and comprehensively administering the country according to law", consisting of the institutions of Beijing Universities of Socialist Theoretical Research and Innovation Center for Socialism with Chinese Characteristics (China University of Political Science and Law), Beijing Research Center of Xi Jinping’s Socialism with Chinese Characteristics in the New Era (China University of Political Science and Law). Since its establishment, the School has persisted in innovating the disciplines construction, ideological and political teaching reform, academic research, and talent training, and has achieved outstanding results.

Held the first academic conference on Marxism and Chinese nomocracy

Held " strengthen moral education and cultivate people, simultaneously foster civic virtue and nomocracy-Academic Conference on Innovation of Ideological and Political Education in the New Era"

The School is consist of the Institute of Basic Principles of Marxism, the History and the Construction of the Communist Party of China, the Institute of Ideological and Political Education, the Institute of Modern and Contemporary History of China, the Institute of History of Marxist Development, the Institute of Sinicization of Marxism, the Teaching and Research Office of Situation and Policy, the Teaching and Research Office of the Outline of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era. Besides, the School has promoted teaching reform with remarkable teaching results: we set up a "micro-course + Flipped classroom" mixed teaching model, a "five-level" cultural education system for outstanding Marxist talents, approved by the Ministry of Education as one of the key projects of the outstanding teaching and scientific research team, one reform project promotion plan and the first and second prize awarded as the Beijing Higher Education Teaching Achievement.

The School focuses on the research, propaganda and international exchanges of Marxist theory, and carries out innovative research in the fields of Marxism and Chinese nomocracy, the basic principles and original works of Marxism, ideological and political education and the cultivation of innovative talents. In the past five years, we have undertaken 17 projects including the National Social Science Fund Projects, the Ministry of Education's Major Research Projects, the Ministry of Education's Humanities and Social Science Fund Projects, the National Education Science Key Projects, and the Beijing Social Science Planning Projects. We have published more than 400 academic articles in the journals of "Marxism and Reality", "Contemporary World and Socialism", "Teaching and Research", etc.; we have published 31 series of books and academic monographs. The School attaches great importance to the international exchanges and cooperation, we signed cooperation agreements with the overseas institutions such as Fordham University in the United States, University of Montreal in Canada, and established long-term cooperative relationships with scholars from the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Belgium.

Internationally recognized scholars participated our“New Horizons Academic Lecture Series”

Some academic works in recent years


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